Dirty Knobs – Ghost Geometry


Released: May 1, 2012

Where do ghosts live when they’re not living with us?

Ghost Geometry is the follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed eight hour odyssey Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell. Ghost Geometry is four unbroken hours of sub-harmonic oppression and walls of melodic haze. Using techniques both new and old, Ghost Geometry is a cloud of expansive architecture exploding into our physical world.

Full album download includes alternate album art and wallpapers.

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“This is beautiful epic drone-scapes on a gigantic scale”

“Imagine long, sustained notes building up, layered on top of each other, flowing across the floor, slowly lapping up against the walls and flowing back straight at you. Imagine this blocking out everything, deadening all other sounds until you can hear nothing but Ghost Geometry. If you could see sound this would be like watching a viscous liquid slowly filling a space as the sound increased and changed.” -Blood1000

“Dirty Knobs has this achieved this vicious attack on conformity and complacency by fueling into the experimental electronic sphere over 4 hours of the most sound shifting proportions.”
—Sound Colour Vibration

“You all want this experience; you just don’t know it yet. ”
-Styrofoam Boots