NEW ALBUM: The Electric Witch – Wave of Sympathy

released May 5, 2018

Four years and four days since their last album of original material, The Electric Witch is back with their fourth album Wave of Sympathy. The album spans a period of significant change, featuring robotized vocals from both retired member Marcus Matthews and the current embodiment of the TEW spirit Mary Bue. Years spent translating the previous albums into live performances has affected the trajectory of the new songs, taking them from dark internal monologues to grand theatrical experiences.

“…you think I’m asking…”

While the Witch has always strived to strip the humanity from their work, Sympathy is rife with emotion, both raw and bold. Fleshy hands are always at the controls. The fractured hiss and crackle of analogue technology is celebrated as a sign of life in the wires.

“…i’ve been so bad…”

Included in the track list are three a capella tracks. While still effected by the vocoder, they capture the essence of each performance and bring it to the fore. Again, the humanity once abandoned is here resurrected and its twisted wreckage celebrated.

“…fuck it, fade.”

1 and 5 (sort of) by Mary Bue
2 and 4 by Marcus Matthews

Everything else: Zac Bentz

Video for “Hallowed”
(Special thanks to the “Murder Hike” crew!)

Tracks 2, 3 and 4 have been remastered, previously available (with alternate mixes) here:

Barb (Don’t Be A Stranger):
Fuck It – Fade: