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Dirty Knobs – Dream with Portals


Dirty Knobs – Dream with Portals

Released: July 14, 2011

This is a Portal 2 remix project. The original source material can be downloaded for free (legitimately) at:

Obsessively edited, filtered, remixed, recorded, layered and extreme sound stretched by Zac Bentz.




“…outstanding…dreamy haunting landscapes you can’t help but get lost in…a complete eargasm.”

“If you’re a fan of dark-ambient music or Brian Eno-esque soundscapes, this is a must-listen.”
—Dual Shockers

“Con este remix, en cambio, disfrutamos de una visión distinta de esas melodías que nos acompañaron sala tras sala, portal tras portal. Dadle una oportunidad, merece la pena.”
—Vida Extra

“…I decided to listen to the CD one night, and lo and behold, I was able to not think about my ex and fall asleep fast.”

“You need this.”

“Superb stuff.”

“…sure-to-be-rising talent”
— Styrofoam Boots

“Allvarligt talat, jag älskar drone!”