“Pounding the synth noir electro button for all its worth till the vocoder effect rips through your throat…Robotic non stop and exquisite.” —Fokkawolfe

The synth-noir sounds of The Electric Witch seemed to descend out of nowhere in 2012, becoming an overnight sensation when their collection of classic NES covers (one of two debut EPs) titled NEScapism made its way onto the biggest gaming blogs in the world and the top of the Bandcamp charts.

In fact, the duo of Zac Bentz and Marcus Matthews had been making music in the Duluth MN/Superior WI area in various bands since 2001. Eric Anderson and Steph Bentz (yes, Zac’s wife) eventually joined the live band. Matthews left TEW in 2014 after an explosive batch of live gigs. Mary Bue, friend of the band and successful solo act in her own right, jumped at the chance to take over vocals duties, transforming into a glittering robot siren, luring the unwary to their doom.

Heavily inspired by Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Royksopp, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, NIN, Daft Punk and many others, The Electric Witch explores disturbing fantasy and glowing futurism with an edge of robotic vocals and echoing post-industrial soundscapes. Murder, dark romance, obsession and robot rock.

Their fourth album of original material is underway.

The Electric Witch is Eric Anderson, Zac Bentz, Steph Bentz and Mary Bue.

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Email: zacbentz at gmail dot com

“wonderful” —Kotaku

“Less oppressive and cold than warm and poppy, this album could rock a party of dance-music fans as well as a gloomy gathering of goths.” —Duluth News Tribune


(Photo by Kip Praslowicz)

“The Electric Witch is like an awesome 1970s movie you’d stumble on while flipping away your insomnia with a remote. Mary Bue dressed like a Planet Future bride with tight white pants and layers of sheer white material, with an up-do and shimmer-face, and sings like Mary Bue does, except you can’t understand it. Evil keyboard genius Zac Bentz has distorted the vocals to something more robotic. Shrug. It sounds and looks the coolest.” —Duluth News Tribune

“…very theatric and powerful throughout. While it’s not afraid to be catchy, pretty and even pop at moments, it never lets the listener forget that there’s something a little dark about it.” —Reader Weekly

“…a drifting, space-age journey through the mind and soul.” —Destructoid

“NEScapism becomes a best-selling album on Bandcamp with remade NES game themes” —Polygon


(Photo by Jason Kokal)