“…I have little more to add…I swear I can hear organs playing from inside a pit…Wonderful.”
—Warren Ellis, writer of Transmetropolitan and Gun Machine

Dirty Knobs is the experimental music of Zac Bentz. Originally formed in 1999 as a minimal glitch-oriented project, Dirty Knobs has evolved over the years into an expansive, dark-ambient beast. The 2011 album Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell, an 8 hour odyssey, received international acclaim with comparisons to Sunn O))), Arnold Schonberg, My Bloody Valentine, Skinny Puppy, Nurse With Wound and artists like Dante and Beksinski. Writer Warren Ellis describes the Dirty Knobs sound “like it was recorded in Hell’s deepest skull-silo.” “…Haunting at points and shimmeringly beautiful at others,” says Andrea Swensson of City Pages/Gimme Noise. Avant-cellist Zoe Keating, whom Dirty Knobs has remixed, calls the sounds “beautiful.”

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“…what is so remarkable is also just how ‘musical’ it sounds, unlike a lot of dark ambient, both widely praised and obscure, it’s not just a bunch of background sound effects, there’s a real sophistication, elegance, and well, just “composed” feel to these compositions that you can grasp and play over in your head to haunt you long after it’s all ended.”

“…relaxation music for Satan himself.” —Troy Sherman/Cornell Daily Sun

“The waves and gentle drones are prevalent holding you in place, feeling the world around you. But something is beginning to seem quite wrong with this picture.” – terrarelicta.com

“4.5/5—Nearly perfect / Uncommon beauty”
“7.5/8—Special record / Truly beautiful”