NEW ALBUM: Dirty Knobs – From A Vantablack Heart

I sometimes have a difficult time remembering how I’ve made music. When I listen back to final mixes, it’s a mystery. I could never recreate what I’ve done. Not exactly. That doesn’t mean it was created in some sort of fugue-state. Quite the opposite. But a major component is experimentation and a sense of discovery. If you know exactly what you want to discover, then that’s not discovery. The journey is sometimes indistinct and difficult to recall.

I often have a quote from Warren Ellis’ Morning Computer in mind while working, a mental image of “places that were only ever designed to be passed through.” Maybe that’s what this music is. Music for places that were only ever designed to be passed through. Infinite anechoic chambers absorbing all vibration. Massive underground neutrino detectors catching a glimpse of the universe as it passes through their clear waters. Galaxies of dark matter and voids. Mental spaces where time stutters and anxiety flexes.

Music to be lost and forgotten. Music from a vantablack heart.

Everything by Zac Bentz (ASCAP)
©2017 Xero Music

Zac Bentz has been recording music for almost 25 years under various monikers. Dirty Knobs was originally a minimalist glitch project started in 1999. In 2011 it was reborn as an experiment in dark ambient and drone with the eight hour long Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell which received praise worldwide. Since then Dirty Knobs has released dozens of albums spanning all realms of ambient, drone, field recording, cinematic soundtracks and more, often exploring themes of deep time, vast space, hauntology, hermitage, and stillness. He lives in Duluth, Minnesota, under snow.