Zoe Keating – Escape Artist (Dirty Knobs Remix)


Zoe Keating – “Escape Artist” (Dirty Knobs Remix)

Released: May 24, 2011

Dirty Knobs remix of the Zoë Keating song “Escape Artist” from her album Into the Trees.

Original music by Zoe Keating.

Remix and additional whrrs by Dirty Knobs, aka Zac Bentz.

You can find more from Zoë Keating at: music.zoekeating.com.



“I can’t think of two artists that would go together better than Zoe Keating and Zac Bentz.”
— godsshoeshine.blogspot.com/2011/07/new-music-from-zac-bentz.html

The Surfactants – Live at Teatro Zuccone – Homegrown 2010


The Surfactants – Live at Teatro Zuccone – Homegrown 2010

Released: May 3, 2011

Record live at Teatro Zuccone as part of the Homegrown Music Festival in Duluth, Minnesota, May 2010. Recorded on a single video camera out in the audience. Special thanks to Mic Wicked.

You can watch the entire live video here:

The Surfactants are:

Marcus Matthews — Vocals
Brett Molitor — Guitar
Greg Cougar Conley — Guitar
Eric Anderson — Bass
Zac Bentz — Drums, Programming
Steph Bentz — Live Keyboards (Miss Not Appearing On This Recording)

All music written by Zac Bentz (ASCAP), except “Revolution Come” written Marcus Matthews (ASCAP) and “Hawaii” written by Haley Bonar (BMI). All lyrics written by Matthews except “Hawaii” written by Haley Bonar.