Dirty Knobs

Dirty Knobs – 666666SUPERSATAN


released January 6, 2023

Three extended dark meditations. Rituals, summonings, incantations, trance-inducing mantras, temporary escape hatches. All elements were recorded live, though not necessarily together at the same time. No “loops” in the traditional sense, and almost no editing. Captured moments in time to be re-released as needed. Maybe to bring a little fire into frozen places.

Everything by Zac Bentz.

Dirty Knobs – MUSIC PRODUCT: Sounds for black hole tourism.


Dirty Knobs – MUSIC PRODUCT: Sounds for Black Hole Tourism.
(Side effects may include total perspective, roundabouts, and poor films.)

released September 2, 2022

Everything by Zac Bentz.

Dirty Knobs – MUSIC PRODUCT: Sounds to facilitate creativity.


Dirty Knobs – MUSIC PRODUCT: Sounds to facilitate creativity.
(Side effects may include wealth, adoration, and eventual ruin.)

We seem to be nearing the event horizon when all “content” is generated by an AI to suit our exact needs in the moment. An infinite playlist of moods. At its best, this could help us focus, or get through a tough time. At its worst it could easily turn us into nothing more than revenue streams until we burn out like overused rechargeable batteries. (Hmmm…maybe a good idea for a movie franchise…)

That’s where the concept and title of this release comes from. However the music within it is anything but artificially generated. All core elements were performed on analog equipment (without using sequencers) and captured live. It was made using a new discreet, easily portable “instrument” I finally managed to complete. A modular analog Eurorack system. Rather small compared to most, yet capable of producing its own galaxy of sounds. (Though I will admit that track 4 uses an additional outside effect pedal.)

Hopefully there will be more in this series. I wanted to wait until I had a couple more compiled before releasing them but let’s be honest, tomorrow is a wish until we’re there. Let’s not wait.

Thank you for your support. I hope you can share this with anyone who could use it.

released June 10, 2022

Everything by Zac Bentz (ASCAP)
©2022 Xero Music

Dirty Knobs – Sinister Sleep


Be careful to not wake it up.

released May 6, 2022

Performed live 05/02/2022.
Everything by Zac Bentz.

Dirty Knobs – New Signal from Old Noise


released August 29, 2021

Everything by Zac Bentz

Dirty Knobs – An Ever Evolving Universe of Beauty and Terror

Dirty Knobs – Feeling the Loss of Dead Suns

Xero Music – The Xero Music Hour Archives

This is the archive of The Xero Music Hour, a weekly ambient(ish) music program featuring the artists of Xero Music (aka Zac Bentz). It ran from May 20th, 2020 to August 29th, 2021.

Track list is in each track’s info. All music can be found elsewhere on this page.

released September 4, 2020

Dirty Knobs – The Breakdown of Edith D_

Pressure. Uncertainty. Paranoia. Amplified by an overcrowded, remorseless city. A perviously unseen but always suspected malevolent existence begins to seep through the darkest cracks in the concrete, and Edith D. begins to lose her mind. Voices, rot, and a leering figure pursue her. What she sees in blinding, disorienting flashes sends her careening out of the city, into the countryside, where she is far from alone. Exhausted, consumed, Edith D. abandons her fear, emerging on the other side of

Music and cover design by Zac Bentz.
Cover artwork by Amy Abts: www.etsy.com/shop/aasartshop
©2020 Xero Music

Dirty Knobs – S​.​A​.​D. Sep. 1

released September 8, 2019

Song a day, September, collection one.

Everything by Zac Bentz

©2019 Xero Music