The Surfactants – Diminishing Returns


The Surfactants – Diminishing Returns

Released: March 10, 2008

The Surfactants are:
Eric Anderson: Bass
Zac Bentz: Drums, Programming
Marcus Matthews: Vocals
Brett Molitor: Guitar

All songs written by Zac Bentz (ASCAP),
except 07 written by Byung-woo Lee and 13 written by Steve Harris
All lyrics written by Marcus Matthews (ASCAP)
except 13 written by Steve Harris
Recorded by The Surfactants
Mixed by Bentz

Design by Bentz

Copyright 2008 Xero Music



“One of the most satisfying electro-hybrid albums we’ve ever heard – ever.”-Perfect Porridge

“Their first album is perfect.” -Adam Lazlo/Analog Electric

“The album seems to progressively mature as each track plays and by the time the time track ‘Us Against All’ played I was completely floored at how good it was.” -Stereotoid

“…well-produced, expertly executed…All those traits are represented in equal measures on The Surfactants…a very smart, successful experiment in computer-driven genre mashing.” -Chris Godsey/MNArtists

“The current album is amazing.” -High Plains Drifter

“These guys mix electronics with standard rock sounds, which ends up sounding pretty good.” -Rift Magazine

“If the songs on the band’s MySpace site are any indication of what’s to come, Duluth is a few months away from being kicked in the teeth.” …and the heroine screams help!