The Surfactants – Our Dead Bodies


The Surfactants – Our Dead Bodies

Released: October 31, 2011
©2011 Xero Music

All music written by Zac Bentz (ASCAP) and all lyrics written by Marcus Matthews (ASCAP) except “Pentagram,” words and music by Greg Cougar Conley and “Hawaii,” words and music by Haley Bonar / Spit Comet Music (BMI).

The original version of “The One, The Wayward” appears on the album Diminishing Returns.

Recorded by The Surfactants. Edited, mixed and mastered by Zac Bentz.

The Surfactants are:
Eric Anderson – Bass
Zac Bentz – Programming, Drums
Greg Cougar Conley – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Vocals on “Pentagram”
Marcus Matthews – Vocals
Brett Molitor – Guitar
Also featuring Steph Bentz – Live Keyboards

Photography and design by Steph and Zac Bentz.



“BRAIN DOES NOT COMPUTE. Still, I really dug their hard-driving songs and would recommend checking them out.” —Andrea Swensson/The Current

“Five Local Bands to Watch in 2012”
—Duluth Superior Magazine

“…one of the most exceptional albums to come out of the area,”
—Reader Weekly

“…a really unique sound and the energy is just crazy.”