The Electric Witch – NEScapism


The Electric Witch – NEScapism

Released: September 4, 2012

NEScapism is a love-letter to the video games I grew up with. The games whose music meant just as much to me, if not more, as the escapism they provided my isolated imagination. These are the songs that I would let play over and over, ignoring whatever might have been happening on-screen. Letting them loop and spiral outward. I’ve tried to capture that feeling on this album, adding my own inner echos.

Full album download comes with 3 variant album covers.

The Electric Witch is Zac Bentz.

Synth: Animoog, Sunrizer (iOS)
Drums: DM1 (iOS)

Illustration of The Electric Witch by Tubbypaws. Design by Zac and Steph Bentz.



“wonderful” —Kotaku

“…a drifting, space-age journey through the mind and soul.” —Destructoid

“NEScapism becomes a best-selling album on Bandcamp with remade NES game themes” —Polygon


IGN Denmark:

“…the music is genuinely ace.” —Nintendo Gamer

“…a highly recommended download for anyone with a fondness for the music of the NES era.” —Nintendo Life

“…beautifully calming soundtracks” —Nintendo Fans Online

“‘NEScapism’ succeeds gorgeously in borrowing the looped themes from the games of our collective childhoods, and create something amazing.” —Complex

“…the purpose of NEScapism was to capture the memories he had listening to the classic tunes, and I think he’s done an excellent job doing so…” —Zelda Dungeon:

“That Final Fantasy track made the hairs on my back tingle!” —comment on Wii’s World

“Escape with The Electric Witch into a world where NES games are always playing, and their music breezes across your ears like a soft wind.” —Game Music 4 All


“…a mesmerizing rendition of my 8 bit favorites!” —Infendo

“Mejor escuchen!” —Wii4Everybody

“…a slick little album” —Treon’s Realm

“beautiful” —Alea Iacta Est

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