The 12 Days of Dronemas – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of The 12 Days of Dronemas where we’re giving away a different Dirty Knobs album every day to thank you for your long suffering support.

Today’s free album is actually just one 40 minute song. It’s a remix of avant-cellist Zoe Keating’s song “Escape Artist.” This was originally done as something of a fan project, but Zoe liked it so much that she allowed it to be released.

Her looped song structures are amazing and you should really check out all of her stuff. It has faint elements of drone that I think many DK fans will like and often has a dark tinge to the edges. She also has a lot of insightful, no-nonsense things to say about the world of digital music, life as a musician and tech in general. You would do well to follow her.

Again, thanks to everyone for sharing, downloading, reviewing and generally being brilliant.