The 12 Days of Dronemas – Day 12

It’s the last day of The 12 Days of Dronemas! Today (and for a few more days) you can get the latest Dirty Knobs album BEDLAM —Soundtrack to a Film that Hasn’t Been Made Based on a Novel that Hasn’t Been Written— for FREE!

BEDLAM is the first real concept album since 2011’s Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell. Where that achieved the mood through extreme length, BEDLAM instead hopes to drive the narrative through both the song titles and their content. That said, it’s still a very murky, blurry album that leave much to the imagination, which was also the point.

You can read more about it here.

Thanks to everyone who has made the past 11 Days of Dronemas a success. Hundreds of albums have been given away and new ears have been reached. I don’t yet know exactly what 2014 will hold, but I hope it’s better for all of us.

Thanks so much,
-Zac / Dirty Knobs / Xero Music